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What is the Value of Value?

Reflecting on the idea raised in my previous blog, of professionalism being linked to payment, I thought on Bill Readings claim that ‘what is at stake is no longer the nature of value but its function’.[1] The term ‘value’ has commercial implications, but also suggests a thing that is cherished. Writing about art and culture, George Y├║dice states that ‘theorists and critics came to define art in contradiction to the commercial’[2] which implies that the scarcity and relative inaccessibility of art assigns ‘cherished-value’, and therefore capital value, even as the mass-production of popular culture creates capital.
Andy Warhol's work played with ideas of production and re-production, and 'high' and 'low' culture.
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Edward W. Said writes that ‘the mass media have reduced the sources of intellectual legitimacy’.[3] The wider the audience, the less authentic an artefact is perceived to be: in order to appeal to a mass audience, in academic writin…

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