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Abramović Assault

This morning a series of articles caught my eye; Marina Abramović, the artist, was attacked outside a gallery.

Abramović was at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, which is hosting a retrospective of her work. She was approached by an amateur artist, who was holding out a painting of Abramović, framed but without glass, which she initially thought was a gift. However, the man then broke the painting over her head, allegedly proclaiming 'Boom' as he did so. It is interesting to note that, if the man was doing this for publicity, only one news outlet that I have seen so far has actually named the attacker. It is also important to state that Abramović was not injured by this attack.

'Project O' at Tate Modern - photographed on a previous visit
There are a couple of remarkable actions which sprang out of this attack: the first is that Abramović asked to meet with, and speak to, the man immediately after his detainment. This shows remarkable empathy and curiosity; and the secon…

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