Task 1a: Professional Profile


This is the first draft of my new professional profile - I'd love to get some feedback and hear what you think. 

Obviously the 'About Me' section of this blog shows whatever my Google+ profile says, which is not necessarily the most appropriate way to present myself professionally!

"My name is Dani; I am a professionally trained Actress, Dancer and Singer, having graduated with Distinction from Liverpool Theatre School and College. While training I also gained Distinctions in the three higher level LAMDA Acting examinations, and was nominated for an IDTA Scholarship Award in Ballet.

Since graduating I have worked freelance as a performer, specialising in Cabaret and Burlesque and I have performed all over the world in theatres, on television and for private or corporate events.

Some of my favourite performances include: Feature Soloist in the original cast of 'Burlesque On Ice', joining the cast of the world-famous 'Simon Drake's House Of Magic', touring and performing with the award winning shows 'The Burlesque Show', 'Circus Burlesque' and 'Another F**king Variety Show', and appearing in 'Coronation Street'!

As part of my ongoing training I have also learned Fire Performance, Figure Skating and Aerial Hoop! I enjoy challenging myself and learning new skills: next I want to learn some form of martial art.

Outside of performing I am the manager of a dance-wear store in the outskirts of London, which I love as it allows me to pass on my knowledge and expertise to the next generation of dancers and performers.

I am excited to start the BAPP Arts course: I am at a stage of my life where I am searching for the next step in my arts career – my dream job would be in a Creative Direction role within an exciting and forward-thinking theatre or cabaret production company, and I believe this course will help me achieve this goal."

Oh and I also have a proper workspace! I love quirky, vintage pieces (furniture, clothing, anything!) so when I spied this retro writing bureau in a charity store I knew I had to have it!

My little workspace!

During the induction, Adesola stressed the importance of having a specific work area, so I'm deliberately keeping my desk free of clutter and the the detritus of modern life. Although I can't guarantee I can keep it free of cats...


  1. I think it is so amazing you have worked in the Burlesque industry. I really love Cabaret and Burlesque dancing, I mean as a male there is very little work in that industry and to be frank I only really know the usual: Moulin Rouge, Lido, Benidorm Palace and thats if you class those as Cabaret and Burlesque.

    How did thou first get into the industry, was it something you stumbled upon or was it something you had always aspired to do. As someone who is pretty ignorant but especially interested I would love to know more about what you did and how you found the work!

    Ant x

    1. Haha, thank you :)

      There is a whole subgenre of Burlesque known as 'Boylesque' (I hate the term from an etymological point of view!) - check out 'Briefs' on YouTube, it's fantastic!

      I do class the shows you mentioned as Cabaret: Cabaret is literally defined as 'entertainment that breaks down the fourth wall in a venue where food and drink is served' and the word Burlesque comes from the Latin burlare (meaning to joke) and the French 'esque' (meaning 'in the style of') so Burlesque literally means to joke or to make fun. I wrote a blog about it over on my performer blog a couple of years ago - http://miamerode.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/a-history-of-burlesque.html

      I kind of fell into this industry as a way of being able to perform in between jobs, then it got to the point where it kind of took over my life! I used Facebook, Twitter and MySpace (back in the day!) to get my shows, and still do, so it's interesting reading through the Web 2.0 handbook as it's giving me a different point of view on something I guess we take for granted! I remember asking a fellow performer once 'Where would the Cabaret industry be without Facebook?" and he replied "It wouldn't exist as we know it."


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