Task 1c: Audio-Visual

I have to admit I've been putting off doing this task - and from looking through other students blogs on this task, I'm not the only one! I hate the sound of my own voice on recording equipment - I won't even leave voicemails as I don't want to inflict that on anyone!
According to my boyfriend who is a sound engineer, what we hear on lower quality recording equipment isn't actually how we sound to other people, due to compression and sound waves and some other big, technical things I don't understand. The point is, don't worry - we never sound as bad as we think we do!

I took plenty of notes and watched previous students videos to get some idea of what to do and say!

It's a funny thing: we are performers so naturally we quite like being centre stage... when it suits us. I can quite happily go on stage and act out a comedy or big romantic scene, or belt out a tricky showtune, but ask me to do something *as me* and I freeze! We're so used to playing a character; acting a role, that often we don't really know who we are ourselves.*

So I've done my best!

Honestly, this was the best thumbnail option they gave me!
Or view it in YouTube here... LINK

*Lightbulb moment, right there!


  1. Dani - well done! Great to meet you on the Google Hang out - this introduction was well presented - I would agree that thinking is at that core of the programme. Your progression within the creative industries, as well as bringing in your performance work into the picture - makes a lot of sense for the course! Your script worked well. Bw Paula

  2. Thank you! It was lovely to meet you too.
    And thank you for your comments - I think I did about twenty retries of the video before I got one I was happy with!

  3. Great video Dani :) I really like your comment about how we are so used to playing a character apposed to actually being ourselves. It reminded me of when i was at college and a girl on my course was SO shy in social situations. However on stage she literally did just come alive! You wouldn't believe she was the same person! Thinking about it, i think performers tend to be stereotyped in that we are all generally confident people, however i think it definitely depends on our situation. Having confidence in your art is very different to having the confidence to bare yourself as you really are! Great point raised... really got me thinking so thank you!


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment - regarding character: I actually had to write myself a bit of a script for the video! I didn't stick to it exactly but I had to have some sort of prompt so I could remember what to say (I think it was Ed Miliband who recently came under fire - during his party political conference he forgot to mention a couple of huge issues including the state of the economy! It was later revealed that he didn't use any script or cues during his speeches. I suppose it lends itself to a more spontaneous, heartfelt delivery but it's still a problem when you're trying to remember big issues. I'm not saying this video is on a par with a political statement but I still didn't want to forget anything!)


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