Theatre Thoughts: Modes of Reflection and Communication

Thinking about the internet, and modes of reflection (i.e. I use my personal journal as opposed to my blog or (god forbid) my Facebook statuses, when I want to work through issues)

One of the things I found with my degree course is that it's helping me to think about things in a different way: when I'm reading things online or in the newspaper, or when I hear something on the news I find I'm often drawing parallels to subjects we're looking at in these modules.

Paula Nottingham recently posted a link to a statement from Tim Berners-Lee regarding internet privacy and codes of conduct. (This is the link) He is calling for a Bill Of Rights, which he is comparing to the Magna Carta, to guarantee basic rights and freedoms on the internet.
However I feel this could be near enough an impossibility: one persons idea of freedom may be another's idea of censorship. It is close to the conversation "What is Freedom?" which I am not going to get into because I can't even pretend to have enough knowledge or insight into this subject.

Mel Gibson as Braveheart: all about the freedom...

The article talks about 'concerns over privacy and freedom on the internet.' Now, to me, this is almost a contradiction: for example, the 'right to be forgotten' that has recently been passed through the European Union, allows an individual to censor potentially damaging, libellous or slanderous material that may be online. On the one hand, yes it is fair that an individual has the right to their privacy when dealing with sensitive issues, but on the other hand does the public have the right to this information?
Example: a potential politician may have been arrested in their youth for a minor crime, which was reported in the local newspaper and therefore on the local newspapers website. This minor crime, committed in their teens has little to no bearing on them as an adult or affects their ability to do their job. However, when this theoretical politician runs for prime-minister this article is used against them by the opposition and he is forced to stand down from office because of a youthful indiscretion.
On one side of the argument, maybe the public has the right to know that their potential prime minister, I don't know, stole a bike or something as a teenager, but on the other hand this politician has now had their future career shattered over something that has nothing to do with their ability or personality as an adult.

Tim Berners-Lee states in the article that in order for the internet to be a "neutral medium" it must reflect all of humanity. It is the same problem as the Freedom Of Speech - what is offensive to one person may be the core belief of another, and therefore how can this be patrolled or controlled on the internet?

I think that this 'Magna Carta' for the internet is a wonderful idea but it relies on users adhering to a code of conduct and respecting fellow users rights, which as we all know is near enough an impossibility online!

Allie Brosh - Hyperbole and a Half

I was watching BBC News this morning as they interviewed Michael Palin regarding his new book, which is basically his diary since 1969!

I searched for 'Michael Palin' on Google Images and had to use this one.

Michael Palin on Journals...
"I sometimes miss the odd day but generally I just try and record a day. That's all."

"It's nothing to do with hindsight, because what actually happened on that day, sometimes it's obvious that you've made stupid judgements, or you made the wrong call, or something happened that you'd never actually remembered when you look back. You think life is kind of a smooth curve and it's actually very, very jagged..."

"I always call diary's an 'antidote to hindsight' because hindsight smooths things out. Diary's remind you or how things really were."

I picked out these quotes because of what I took from them and how I related them to the course I'm on: that it's okay to miss a day here and there but it's about consistency. That there will be ups and downs, things that are difficult and things that mean a lot at the time, but that when you look back on them they have paled into insignificance. And that, specifically for this course, the journal will remind me of my thoughts and feelings at the time of writing, which may or may not have any influence on how I feel in the end but that it will show my journey. (Journal/Journey - Ha!)

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  1. Hi Dani, I love your last comment about there not being a right or wrong way to proceed! It seems so easy at the moment to worry that we're maybe not doing certain tasks correctly or that we're following a reflection along a 'wrong' pathway. But I think your right, there is no wrong or right way....and It is very much an individual journey.

    As you said, just keep swimming ;)


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