Networking Advice?

This is a bit of an odd blog; it's more of an extended Facebook status as I'm actually seeking some advice!

Previously in my blogs I've mentioned how I am intended to change to focus of my professional engagement: I've been thinking about "What's Next?" after performing and I am focusing on Creative Direction and Dramaturgy as a future career.

Some of the books I have been reading!

I have been attempting to make connections in this industry: at this stage I am seeking experience and advice more than anything else as I have very little idea what the role of a Dramaturg entails - although I am reading lots of books, blogs from practising Dramaturgs and further expanding my skills and knowledge to incorporate aspects of this chosen career path.

I would love to assist a practitioner, for a couple of days each week, on days off from my current job, purely in exchange for the experience and invaluable first-hand knowledge of the industry.

Unfortunately I'm not having much luck in actually connecting with anyone! I have posted on an industry group on Facebook (but the last post on that page was from June or July so I was never really holding out much hope!), emailed a network of professionals based in London and made several connections on LinkedIn with those who have listed Dramaturg as a current profession.

But I've had nothing back - I'm apprehensive about messaging people directly on LinkedIn as I'm not sure whether it would be seen as a bit presumptuous? I've also read that emailing people directly can be seen as rude.

Can anyone offer me any advice? How to go about making connections in an area of the industry I have no prior experience of? What is the best way to approach a practitioner unsolicited?


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