Radio Silence

And I'm back! Apologies for the radio silence!

Our Virgin Media has been down for over a week, so I've had very limited access to the internet - beyond what I can receive on my phone (emails, Facebook and Twitter), I've not been able to get onto Google Plus or Blogger, or any of the other platforms I use on a day to day basis.

The media blackout originally extended to the television as well, and weirdly the thing I missed most was the BBC news! I often find myself, on my days off, pottering around the house with the news on in the background. Maybe it's a sign of getting older? Fortunately we found an old freeview box that gave us grainy access to a couple of channels so I could watch the breakfast news in the mornings!

Something that struck me, though, was just how reliant on connectivity we are now. I was able to use my phone but, working in an industry that relies so much on Social Media, I was worried about missing messages or notifications.

How did we network effectively before Social Media? This is something I've thought about in the past. I once asked a fellow cabaret performer "What was the Cabaret industry like before Facebook?" And he replied "Non-existent." While this is an exaggeration for comic effect, it is true that online connectivity has had a huge role to play in the resurgence and popularity of this genre.

I wonder if it is the same across performance industries?

So, since getting back into the land of the world-wide-web, I have read everyone's blogs, replied to some comments and got myself up to speed on what's going on.

Winning at Christmas!

In 'real-life' I've read a lot of books, put the decorations up and done my Christmas shopping. It's amazing how productive I can be without the distraction of Facebook! What has everyone else been up to?


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