Beginning Module Two

It's taken me quite some time to get my head around beginning this module; I've been through the Handbook and the Reader 4 a couple of times, tried to work it out in my journal and through conversations with my professional network, and eventually I realised what the sticking point was.

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Initially I started this course coming from a purely performance background. The first blogs I wrote, and during the first tasks, I was approaching with a performance mindset, thinking about elements relating to cabaret and theatre, and how I could relate the course materials to the practice I had engaged in for nearly ten years.

Then, unexpectedly, I found a new direction as I worked through the course, and decided that what I wanted to achieve by completing my degree was to retrain as a Dramaturg. So I began collecting reading materials and information relating to this industry in order to gain as much knowledge as I could. I also began attempting to relate the tasks throughout the module to my intended future practice.

Through discussions with Paula, and within my network, I found that the route to this career appears to be through an MA; I found a course I liked the sound of and will be working towards achieving the entry requirements for this institute. However, the Masters is heavily research and theory based, and given that I come from a performance background (and especially the kind of performance I have specialised in!) I have a hunch they may be quite sceptical about my suitability for the course.

So, I needed to find something that I could research that would relate to my intentions, allow me to look into my future practice, help me expand my professional network, and be strong enough to serve as part of an MA application.

Some of the books I have found on the subject

And this is the problem; I know so little about the career I would like to pursue that I can't even begin to think of a subject I could research. The questions I looked at in Task 2D were focusing very much on my performance practice, and, looking back on them, I don't think I could answer them when trying to relate them to Dramaturgy as I have no experience of this industry at all. This is why I'm having a mental block. I'm not sure where to take the Inquiry; I desperately want it to relate to my intended practice as I see little point in focusing on my past experience when I don't plan to be performing for very much longer.

I have made attempts at connecting with practitioners currently working in the industry but so far I have received no response. Now, I have to admit, I'm feeling a little bit stuck! I'm going to start working through the tasks in Module Two and hope that things become a little clearer as I go...


  1. Hey Dani, hope you had a lovely christmas.
    Where did you get the literature for Module 2?

  2. I did have a lovely break, thank you - did you??

    The materials were on the MDX My Uni Hub - if you can't find it (I couldn't at first!) Paula sent me a link with instructions on how to find them. Maybe drop her an email if you're having trouble.
    The link was in the Uni Hub under 'My Courses'


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