Inquiry Proposal

After weeks of thought and reflection, I have come up with a proposed title for my enquiry project!

"The Impact of New Theatre on Audience Engagement and the Wider Theatrical Landscape"

I looked back at my blog and considered Emma Corboz's comment about making the title more specific: the problem I was having was condensing the different routes into one focused enquiry title, and I think I've cracked it!

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I intend to look at the popularity of New Writing for Theatres, and establish why it is so popular, when placed in contention against more established productions: the ways in which theatres engage with their audiences (both through marketing and through the production) and the audiences reactions to new writing, how they interpret and understand the work, and, if this is different to the original intentions of the writer or director, whether the individuals interpretation of a new work (or re-working of an established piece) really matters. Finally I shall look at the impact of new writing and new productions on the wider scale of theatre as a whole to determine whether this phase is indicative of changing audience tastes, and how new theatre impacts on the industry and society.

In the past I have looked at audience trends (here and here) and viewing habits, which has begun to help me understand the current tastes of theatre-goers and I will develop this with more specificity towards my enquiry, looking at audiences of New Theatre in particular.

What do you think? I'd appreciate any feedback or advice on this!


  1. I think that is an interesting inquiry title to explore. There is a scheme called adopt a playwright that my friend is involved in that might be worth having a look at. It supports talented upcoming playwrights.

    1. Oh that looks really interesting - thank you for sharing!


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