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I feel like I've had so many ideas whizzing around my head recently - it's exciting as I go through phases of being really inspired and productive, then I hit a proverbial brick wall and come to a halt for a while.

In these productive times I work really quickly, I have ideas that grow and develop and I can speed through tasks like a demon, then something happens in my brain and it's like all my creativity disappears.

Maybe I ought to temper myself slightly, and try and spread out the work more, but I am afraid that if I don't get my ideas down during these times, or if I don't do the work I am inspired to do, then the non-productive phase will come anyway and I'll be stuck back at square one!

How my brain feels right now
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It's nice to be inspired and busy, and I am excited about the direction my research and enquiry proposal are taking. It's also opening up opportunities as I may be collaborating with practitioners in the near future, based on my research area and several of the blogs I have written on here.

During my non-productive times I sometimes try and force creativity by reading plays, watching musicals and ballets, reading through students or practitioners blogs, and occasionally this will spark something that leads me to get my energy and focus back. Other times, I accept that I'm a bit stuck, leave the problem for a while, write in my journal and look at other things that make me happy (like Disney films or trashy magazines!)

Does anyone else feel like this? Like they're either on full throttle or at a dead stop? How do you deal with it?


  1. Hi Dani,
    I have having the same problem! I am finding it really hard to get started again after the xmas break! Iv read the reader and made some notes in my journal but I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with how much there is to do! I think it's going to be more manageable for me if I take it step by step (4a, 4b, 4c etc) and think about one at a time and then there won't be so much to think about at once. For module 1 I tried to set myself a schedule to stick by to make sure I got it all done in time, but when I was on a roll I would just carry on, which would leave me ahead of time and gave me some breathing space for the tasks I needed more time to think about. At the moment I am panicking about module 2 and feel behind as I have seen a few people have already started! But I'm hoping to have got it started this week and hopefully I will get back on track. X

    1. I hit a block before Module Two as well! I had no idea where to even start and no thoughts about the inquiry process!
      I agree it's easier if you take it step by step - if you look back at the first few posts of mine from the beginning of Task 4, you'll see I had absolutely no idea what to write about or anything I could relate to, and it was through the tasks (specifically the Special Interest Groups) that I started to formulate a plan of inquiry!
      I'm the same regarding work-load - I feel that if I am ahead and hit a wall, then at least I have some breathing space! Don't worry too much though as Paula pointed out to me last week that actually the Module doesn't even officially start until mid-February so those of us who have started already are ridiculously early! :P

  2. That makes me feel a bit better! I thought that was the case that it didn't start until mid Feb but I started to panic when I saw everyone flying through it! I started it yesterday and hopefully will be posting my first blog on this module later today :) xx


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