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I am so excited! I've started an internship at the Finborough Theatre in London!

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The Finborough is well known for producing challenging new work and revivals of 'forgotten' classics (for example, this season includes the newly written play 'Chicken Dust' and a staging of Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Princess Ida'): one of the interns has come across from Hungary specifically for the experience! I knew the internship program was popular but I didn't realise quite how far-reaching this small theatre's influence was, so I feel very, very lucky to have been offered this chance.

I had the interview last week and I started there yesterday: I was plunged straight into the action by having large chicken coops thrust upon me as I walked through the door, and helped set up the opening night of the new play: I was helping on tickets and with other odd jobs that popped up (who knew a Chinese take-away would save the day?!) and was a little bit exhausted when I finished.

I will be there for two days each week to coincide with the days off from my full-time job, which works out perfectly (sleep is overrated anyway!).

The benefit of working for the Finborough will be immeasurable as I spoke about my inquiry proposal during the interview and was told I would be able to use the theatre as a base for my research: as I am intending to look into the effect of new writing and new theatre, this is absolutely the best place for me to be and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to both improve my experience of working in theatre and to conduct my research.


  1. Congratulations on your internship! What perfect timing, co-insiding with the inquiry. Will you be able to approach theatre goers and colleagues to use as participants within your inquiry? xx

    1. Thank you!
      I've been looking for something like this for absolutely months and months, so it has been difficult but has come along at exactly the right time. I discussed my inquiry proposal during the interview and my boyfriend thinks that's what swung it for me as they were obviously very interested in the subject! I did ask at the time whether, if I got the role, I could base my research at the theatre and they were completely enthusiastic and supportive, so it's all systems go!


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