Reflection On Change

I've taken a step back for the last couple of weeks to try and puzzle through the problems I've been having, and I think it's helped.

I blogged last time about feeling stuck regarding the ethical dimensions of my proposed inquiry and I think the best way to go about it is to change tack slightly regarding my inquiry questions.

I still want to investigate New Theatre and new writing and think about the elements of impact, but I feel now that the best way to investigate this ethically will be through conversation with those professionals involved in the creation of new theatre, rather than bringing in the audience interview element, which was raising too many ethical issues for me to be comfortable continuing this aspect of the inquiry.

So: I intend to go back through my blogs so far in Module Two, and approach the inquiry planning process from this new point of view. I believe that the inquiry title will still be along the same lines but I will not focus so much on the 'audience engagement' element. Instead I will conduct my research through interviews with Directors, Producers and makers of new theatre, gaining their insight into the popularity of new writing and what they think this is doing for the wider theatre scene in the UK.

I will investigate this further by revisiting some of my other blogs over the next couple of days.


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