Planning Pseudonyms

During Module Two when I began my research for Module Three (and thinking ahead to final presentations/artefacts!) I planned to identify productions taking place at the Finborough Theatre that fit within my specifications:

The specifications I set myself when planning research

Given the specifications, within time constraints and other commitments I was able to identify five productions taking place within a relatively short period that fit within my requirements and provided a wide scope of styles and performance/production elements within the stipulation of 'the last ten years.'

In order to protect the privacy of those I am interviewing regarding these productions, I have decided to ascribe pseudonyms to each person. Since I have a tentative plan in mind for my final artefact, and since Ancient Greece is credited with being the birthplace of theatre as we know it (and for my own, geeky, amusement) I have assigned names based on Ancient Greek mythology.

Pseudonyms used during research

For the purposes of data protection I have created a locked file on my computer that contains the cross-references, name for name.

I haven't yet decided whether to assign names to the productions I am using as well - what do you think?


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