Literature Review: The Theatre Makers - David Chadderton

The Theatre Makers: How Seven Great Artists Shaped the Modern Theatre - David Chadderton. Published by Studymates. Kindle Edition

·         Who is the author/authors/publishers of the text?
Author: David Chadderton
Publisher: Studymates

·         When was the text written?
It is copyrighted in 2013

·         Where was the text written/produced?
Chadderton is based in Manchester. The publisher is based in Abergele.

Who is the intended audience for the text?
Theatre practitioners, researchers, teachers and facilitators.

·         What are the authors’/publishers intentions in relation to the reader?
“… to bring the practice and theory back together using practical examples to aid understanding of the theoretical principles.”

·         What is the writers’/publishers’ own position in relation to the subject being written about?
Chadderton holds a theatre Masters degree, and is Head Of Education for a youth arts company in Manchester. He is also an editor and broadcaster on the subject of theatre and works in various capacities across the country advising and lecturing on theatre.

·         What assumptions are the authors/publishers making, and how does this text invite the reader to share them?
The author makes no assumptions on behalf of the reader, beyond an interest in theatre practice. I feel as though the text is aimed mainly at Drama teachers and facilitators, however it is accessible and interesting.

·         What is the style of writing of the text, and how does this influence the reading?
The style of writing is informal and informative. It is written relatively simply but goes into more detail on occasion, and this allows for an easy read and quick, if not in-depth, understanding and assimilation of the information.

Highlighting notes 

I used this text in order to investigate and consolidate information found in other literature sources, as, during my reading I have come across numerous references to theatre practitioners who have influenced, and continue to influence, the theatre of today. I found this book extremely useful in aiding my understanding of the core theories of several of these practitioners, and the bibliography has provided me with further reading material if needed.


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