Looking Ahead To Module Three

It's getting closer to the start of 'term'; I've been looking through the UniHub site, and I have also downloaded the Module Handbook and Reader Seven in preparation.

My initial reaction to reading through the two documents was one of feeling overwhelmed by how much there seemed to be to do and consider! However I have taken the time to read through them both again, making notes as I go, and I have realised it's actually not as scary as I thought it might be to being with!

Over the Summer I haven't blogged very much, and I have to admit I thought I'd find it difficult to get back my focus. I have, however, been keeping my Journal, and, reading back through it, realised I've been thinking about my research more than I initially assumed I had!


Extracts from my Journal

I took the advice in the Reader and looked up GANTT Charts as a way of planning my time and my schedule. I found this resource very helpful in working out how to compile my own; https://theresearchwhisperer.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/gantt-chart/

I tried to use a resource called 'Smartsheet', which is an online Gantt chart creator; however I found it incredibly complicated and elected to make my own using Microsoft Excel in the end!

My basic Gantt Chart!

Due to the topic of my inquiry, I had to start the interview and research phase quite early in order to make sure that the productions I was using for the case study matched the parameters of my investigation. I have also given myself extra time outside of the research phase (consolidate interview information) in case of any obstacles to gathering all of the interviews during the time I have allocated myself.

I have already begun gathering literature, working on the basis that I set during Module Two (Literature Review). However now I have decided on the direction of my inquiry I have started locating sources that are directly relevant to New Theatre and New Writing, along with theories on theatre and its practice. I'm keeping a bibliography as I go, so I don't forget any of the sources that I have used, even if I don't end up directly referencing them in my Critical Review. Over the next couple of weeks I will blog my Literature Reviews, using the guidelines in the Reader.

Some of the books I have read/am reading!

Over the next couple of days I will look back at the feedback from Module Two, using my knowledge of the direction I will be taking throughout Module Three.

I'm getting myself back into 'uni' mode, and I'm excited to really get stuck in now! Maybe it's the change in seasons, with it being September, I'm really ready to go Back To School! 


  1. Thanks for the advice on GANTT Charts. I've never heard of them before and similar to you, I will need make a schedule when certain arts organisations have their productions/ events well ahead of time, so I am sure this will prove very helpful. I look forward to following the rest of your BAPP journey. Lara

    1. I'm Assistant Producing a festival of New Writing at the moment and found that creating a basic GANTT Chart really helped with scheduling!


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