Reflection on Feedback From Module Two

The feedback from Module Two was quite positive and I am happy that I am investigating the right subject in the right way for my intended future professional practice.

The feedback indicated that my inquiry plan was "well structured" and said that the initial research was good, but additional research questions were suggested in order to relate my research directly to my intended future practice in dramaturgy. This is something I have already considered and will continue to think about as I compile my research.

"...when working as a Production Dramaturg it is very often on new productions or adaptations that they are called in to assist." Fortunately I have since had the opportunity to work in a production role (although not as a dramaturg) on a couple of new productions, and have taken on a role within the Literary Department for the theatre, where I am directly involved in reading, viewing and assessing new plays and productions.

The feedback suggested allowing enough time in the planning to "...develop the implications of impact from your work in Module Three" which I have recently begun planning for through the use of GANTT charts, as suggested in the handbook for Module Three.

It was indicated that my proposed inquiry tools may be a little "all encompassing" however since beginning the planning for the research, time constraints (both my own and of others!) have meant that I have had to be a lot more concise with my interviews, so hopefully this will mean that my findings will be more focussed.

The literature I identified as part of Module Two was considered relevant, so I hope that the newly identified literature is equally appropriate. I am sure it will be useful for my continuing research as many of the books and articles have been identified through the 'Further Reading' sections of the original literature.

Regarding the ethics of my inquiry, I have been advised to "...continue to discuss and monitor this" and suggested approaching the theatre itself for any information that has already been gathered regarding audience feedback, stating that "...finding usable datasets is also valuable..." However, as previously mentioned, elements of my inquiry are changing slightly, which may mean that as the research continues, this part of my proposal may no longer be needed. I am hoping to focus more now on the dramaturgical elements of the inquiry as opposed to the reactionary elements (as I had originally intended to do.)

The feedback suggests that I now "...look at what [I] hope to accomplish, and define and focus this..." I have also begun to conduct the interviews with those identified at the theatre as being relevant to my inquiry topic - this is where I cam up against the time constraints of others, however while I was planning the interviews I identified several more participants than I originally required, so despite several of them being unable to take part, I am still able to gain feedback from more people than I originally planned for!

Overall I am pleased with the feedback and felt it was very constructive (and quite complimentary!), and I am confident in beginning Module Three. I have been advised to continue blogging, keeping my journal, contributing to SIG's, and engaging with peers both on the course and within my community of practice (which, thanks to the theatre, has grown significantly since beginning Module One!)


  1. Well done on your feedback. Definitely sounds positive!

    I have the same with the refining of my questions, it has actually been the trickiest part i have found to really ensure my questions directly relate to my practice. I have had not enough questions, to many questions, to broad questions and finally now i also feel i have ideas on the focus.

    Congratulations on your new position, it sounds very exciting.

    I also hope to develop my communication with others on the course, although i feel everyone is so busy this is often quite hard!

    Unfortunately i do not know much about Dramaturgy, however it does mean i am continuously learning through your work and your posts, so thank you for that!

    What are you're plans when we graduate? xx

  2. Thank Dani a very useful update and it looks like the data you have been gathering will add to your understanding of your area of interest.


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