Literature Review: Rewriting The Nation - Aleks Sierz

"Rewriting The Nation" by Aleks Sierz - published by Methuen Drama

·         Who is the author/authors/publishers of the text?
Written by Aleks Sierz
Published by Methuen Drama

·         When was the text written?
Published in 2011

·         Where was the text written/produced?

·         Who is the intended audience for the text?
The style of writing is very informal yet informative: Sierz is a visiting professor and he acknowledges that much of the discussion throughout the text has come from conversations with theatre students, so I feel that this is the intended audience.

·         What are the authors’/publishers intentions in relation to the reader?
To discuss elements of modern British theatre and develop a guide to new writing in the new millennium
·         What is the writers’/publishers’ own position in relation to the subject being written about?
Aleks Sierz is a theatre professor, writer, journalist, broadcaster, lecturer and theatre critic. He has published several books on theatre.

·         What assumptions are the authors/publishers making, and how does this text invite the reader to share them? The initial assumption is that the reader shares Sierz’s passion for theatre and modern theatre in particular. The writing is informative and engaging, using many examples, case studies and quotes throughout.

·         What is the style of writing of the text, and how does this influence the reading?
The writing style is relaxed yet in-depth. The discussion of relevant plays (many of which I’ve seen, so I imagine many of the readers will have also) and the obvious enjoyment of the writer with his subject means that a topic which could be discussed through facts and figures becomes relatable and exciting.

This is one of the most useful texts I have come across in relation to my study; in tandem with other books I have read, which provide background and context to the time period I am looking at, this book is directly relevant to the decade. The writing is informative, exciting and the writer is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. I have underlined so many useful passages throughout this text!


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