REVIEW: Lady Rizo | Multiplied - Soho Theatre

Lady Rizo: Multiplied - Soho Theatre

Okay, this review is going to be a little bit biased as I absolutely adore Lady Rizo (fangirl alert!)

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Lady Rizo is a powerhouse performance artist; from quirky to sexy, soulful to brilliantly bonkers, she has it all. Her shows are always a tour-de-force in cabaret, and this one was no exception. My partner has been to a couple of her shows as well, and said he thought this show was the best he'd seen. 

Since having a "human baby" four months ago (!) the show covers aspects of motherhood and family. Gorgeous songs intersperse with entertaining anecdotes from both her childhood and her recent history, meaning that I felt as though I was on an emotional roller-coaster; doubled-over with laughter one moment and weeping uncontrollably the next. Beautiful, personal touches blend well with rock-star-like control of the audience and the finale felt almost like a rally as the whole audience spontaneously started dancing.

Backed by three superb musicians, the music was tight and controlled; the perfect accompaniment to her dynamic and impressive vocals. They occasionally broke off into amazing improvisations and the banter between Lady Rizo and her drummer had the audience in stitches.

I love her. I loved this show. I can't say enough good things about it, so I'm going to stop before I start babbling.


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