The Times, They Are A-Changin'...

Yes, it's been a week of a lot of changes, hasn't it? Lots of changes and yet, not much demonstrable change.

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However, this season of change has inspired me to make some changes myself. One of the small, but significant ones is, as you may be able to tell, I'm using my original blog address again. The reasons for this are myriad but have to do with decisions I'm making regarding my future and my intentions.

While studying (it seems like a lifetime ago now!) we were encouraged to start a journal, and this is a habit I have kept up. It's very therapeutic, and it allows me to have the occasional rant without either upsetting those around me, or airing my dirty laundry on social media. It has also proved useful over the previous, difficult months, and the past, difficult week.

I haven't make any cast-iron decisions yet, but I have started to take baby steps, working out my way into this new, and previously un-thought of arena. I want to make change, positive change, in the world, and I want to find creative and constructive ways in which I can do this.


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