I Wrote A Thing...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece for Lib Dem Voice, which they titled "Changing the Political Culture to be more accepting of Women" - I had submitted it under the less explanatory "Women and Politics" but hey ho, I'm still happy that it got published!

Image Source: iknowpolitics.org

'Prime minister Theresa May has called for "dads to talk to girls about current affairs and politics" in a bid to encourage more women to enter Parliament...'

The side of me that is regularly riddled with anxiety was reluctant to read the comments section, and I did so while surrounded by chatty workmates, in case of a nervous breakdown. However, in the main it has transpired to be mainly commentary amongst the commenters, and the points raised that are specifically targeted at me or the article content I actually, in the main, agree with. And a couple of them were really nice, which is, I think, reflective of the Liberal Democrats as a political party - even when people were disagreeing with, or contradicting, something that I had written, they did so in a measured, considered way rather than just shouting that I was wrong or didn't know anything (which is what I was genuinely terrified of!)

I realise that I came off as a little 'ranty', but as regular readers of the blog will know, that's something that happens to me when I am passionate about a subject! I also understand that many of the points I raised are not gender specific, and, as it happens, I am not a massive advocate of things like 'women only shortlists' as I firmly believe that merit and suitability for a position should be the key consideration. 

However, what I also believe is that by changing a couple of aspects of the way politics is done in the country that the entire culture could be more respectful and respectable.


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