Junk Food

This is a blog about junk food. Nothing more. Just junk food. If you choose to read more into this, then that's your issue: I'm talking about junk food. Right?

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Junk food is bad for you, right? We all know it. However, sometimes you fancy a doughnut instead of an apple.

Despite the fact that you know that the apple is better for you, sometimes you just want a doughnut. Specifically a Krispy Kreme. Or a whole packet of biscuits. Or an ice-cream sundae balanced on top of candy floss in a cone. Whatever. 

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But, here's the thing: we all know that strawberries are far better for us than strawberry syrup. The strawberry syrup might seem fun and exciting, and is a luridly bright colour which is good for distracting us from the fact that we're basically just eating s**t, but in the long run, the actual strawberry will definitely do you more good.

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Sure, it's fun, once in a while, to throw caution to the wind and super-size your order. But if you live on a diet of junk food, then eventually you'll get sick, and lethargic, and you'll be unable to leave your house.

Admittedly, on the flip side, if you live purely on apples you're also going to get pretty blocked up, and people who extol the virtues of quinoa and pulses, getting all puritanical and preachy, are also pretty irritating.

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I know, I know: it's nice to dabble, once in a while, and push the boat out with a family-sized bar of Dairy Milk, but if you were making the sensible choice, for the long term, you'd choose the apple. It might seem a little dull, and it doesn't come with cartoon characters promoting it, but once the initial sugar rush from the chocolate has worn off, you'll be left depressed and deflated, with that bit of a niggling headache that comes from having made a Bad Choice. 

The apple, while seemingly boring and predictable, is actually full of essential nutrients, will keep you satisfied for much longer, can stabilise your blood sugars and, as part of a healthy diet, contribute to preventing all sorts of diseases. Plus, there's actually a lot of variety in apples - Pink Ladies, Granny Smiths, Braeburn, etc. Experts the world over agree that apples are better for you than ice-cream, and who would know that better than an expert who has spent their life researching the differences between apples and ice-cream? 

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It's fashionable at the moment to dismiss the experts and choose the extra-large pizza over the chicken salad, but, what I'm saying (and I'm only saying this) is that really, for the good of our health, our future, and both our long-term and immediate happiness, we should probably choose the chicken salad. 

Or the apple.


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