Looking Forward

Let's face it - 2016 wasn't pleasant for many people.

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Personally, for me, it was an extraordinarily difficult year, with a few shining beacons of good news piercing the darkness: I wasn't sure what I wanted to achieve, met many roadblocks and stumbled and fell more times than I can count. And, in many ways, after all of my exertions, I appear to be back in exactly the same position as I was at the end of 2015, having attained nothing during the last twelve months.

However, I did make some progress in a couple of areas - I received a First in my degree; worked out what I didn't want to do, or be; joined a political party and a social movement; reconnected with some old friends; and towards the end of the year, made some big decisions about my future (admittedly these decisions changed a couple of times due to the universe's knack of throwing spanners into the works, but still...).

You're never too old to wish upon a star...
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So now, I'm pleased to announce that I have been accepted onto a Masters Degree at King's College London! I wrote in my journal on the 1st of January that this was one of my hopes for the year, and it has come to pass.

I start in September on the Theatre And Performance Studies MA, and intend to have a focus on how theatre responds to political and sociological crisis - which should be incredibly interesting over the next eighteen months! So now, I'm gathering books, resources and more books, looking into performances to attend, and will be spending the next nine months in a state of nervous anticipation interspersed with reading.

Bring on 2017 - I'm ready for you.


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