Is June The End Of May?

Is June the end of May? Well, in straightforward terms; yes, it is every year. We have May 31st, followed by June 1st (and a few weeks in, we have my birthday, but I digress...) However, the annual passage of the seasons, delineated by months, has, this year, provided a slogan for our times.

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I said, right at the start, that, while I think the Tories will win (unfortunately), I don't think they'll get the huge majority May seemed to think they would. I spoke to a couple of friends about this as well (a few of whom study, or work in politics) and they disagreed, taking the media's initial view of an absolute landslide for the Conservative party. However, over the last week, it looks like my prediction might be bearing fruit as polls narrow between the two main parties.

Image Source: from 03/06/2017

I hope that the trend continues over the last few days of campaigning. I hope that the Tories are soundly humiliated. And I hope that thousands of people use their anger against Tory austerity, which was channelled into a misguided and short-sighted vote for Brexit, to get the Nasty Party out of power.

Two years ago David Cameron said that the choice was between stability under the Conservatives, or chaos under Labour. Now Theresa May is rehashing the same line. To be honest, if this is stability, give me chaos any day!


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