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I've not written a blog for a while. There are all of the usual excuses about life, being busy, working hard, not enough time, etc. But I've also not been able to coherently express my thoughts as I watch the maelstrom of political discourse that has been taking place.

So, in the absence of a properly composed blog, to demonstrate why my writing skills have suffered, here are couple of things that have already baffled me just this morning. This is what the inside of my head has been like:

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The Tory party have begun to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of "speaking in soundbites." My reaction to a lot of the events in the run up to this election has been the human equivalent of the shocked emoji, and this is no different. Just this morning I was watching Theresa May speak to a group of the party faithful (the only people she's willing to talk to), and she answered a question on whether she was insulting the intelligence of the British public by resorting to soundbites by resorting to soundbites (re-read that last bit, it makes sense, I promise!).
I'm literally having a Pavlov's Dogs style gag reaction every time I hear the words "Strong and Stable." It hurts to even type that phrase.

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2. Trump has withdrawn from the Paris Climate Change agreement. My brain hurt this morning as I watched a guest on the breakfast news defend the move by claiming that there was no link between pollution and climate change. But then, the president himself believes climate change is a hoax, so what can you do?
In a speech announcing this withdrawal Trump wondered aloud about the point at which the rest of the world begins to laugh at America. I hate to break it to you, but that ship has sailed; we've been wetting ourselves with laughter at you for months.
Our own glorious commander has refused to sign a letter alongside pretty much every other leader in the world condemning this act. But then, as Chairman May is alienating everyone else, she's clinging in desperation to the tiny hands of friendship from across the pond while leaders of other nations openly mock the tangerine terror.

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3. The weird, almost physically painful reaction of the audience at BBC Question Time when Jeremy Corbyn refused to say whether he'd use nuclear weapons. 
Personally I'm all for unilateral disarmament, but that's obviously not going to happen any time soon. I was livid when parliament voted to renew Trident; we don't have enough money for schools, social care or the NHS but we have loads of change down the back of the green seats in the commons to pay for weapons that no one in their right mind would ever use? It's the epitome of a midlife crisis - spending millions on something utterly useless. However, I do believe in leading by example; if we want everyone to get rid of their nuclear weapons, why don't we get rid of ours?
And why in heaven's name did the audience get so riled up that Corbyn refused to say if he would use the damned things? Whether we struck first or second everyone on the planet be screwed anyway so why would it matter? In the case of nuclear missiles being launched I sincerely doubt that anyone's going to be thinking "Oh I'm so glad we're going to be able to chuck our own back at them."
I can't even form a cogent argument for the rest of this point because I'm so completely dumbstruck.

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In the immortal words of Bricusse and Newley; Stop The World, I Want To Get Off...


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