Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...

Theresa May was right. As much as it galls me to even type those words, she was right when she said that this was the most important election. It is. It is a chance for change.

For many people who voted Leave in the referendum it was a protest vote: they felt that their voices were not being heard so they let loose a howl of frustration at years of government austerity that was channelled by a campaign built on lies and emotional manipulation into a misguided anger towards "unelected" bureaucrats in Brussels. Really their anger should have been at our own parliament and problems that have very little, in reality, to do with the machinations of the European Union.

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Now we have a chance to actually make our voices heard. In this country, towards our own leaders, a protest vote for things that can make a positive difference to people in this country.

Theresa May is a disingenuous puppet, propped up on her Iron Throne by the most degenerate press moguls in the world. The reason she has refused to take part in any live debates is because without a carefully scripted response she cannot speak beyond meaningless slogans and patronising platitudes. She says that she has 'debates' every week in PMQ's - yes, because she knows the questions that are going to be asked and her lackeys will have spent the morning deciding what she is going to say in reply.

Macbeth: Act Five, Scene Five

And she's getting scared. Polls are narrowing, and opinion, and patience, is beginning to wane. Her decision to call a snap election is beginning to look like political suicide. Personally I can't understand how anyone could support a party that flip-flops on policy, whose leader has changed her mind multiple times: if she can't be trusted to speak frankly to this country, how does anyone expect that she can deal with representatives from twenty-seven other countries? 

If Theresa May's version of Brexit really is the most important thing to a voter, to the point that they are willing to overlook the crises in every element of public life (the NHS, schools, social care, mental health provision, food banks, inflation, wage-stagnation), to support the most elite of the elites, to bring back fox hunting, to prop up a party that supplies weapons to regimes that support terrorism, that help their friends and treat the rest of the populace with thinly veiled contempt, then I weep for the future of this country.

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I am angry. I am hopeful.

All I can do it use my voice. My vote.
People who feel that their vote doesn't matter; this is your opportunity to matter. To shout. To direct your rage towards those who actually deserve it.
If you don't speak you cannot expect to be heard. 


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