Keeping Traditions

It appears that it has been a tradition of sorts with me to write a blog reflecting on the year past and looking ahead to the year to come. So here's this year's instalment.

Seeing in 2019 with non-alcoholic prosecco and spirits

As I noted in previous years, the universe doesn't half have a knack of chucking a curveball my way every once in a while, and this year I was thrown a doozy. In a few short weeks my life is going to change in a way that I couldn't have predicted this time last year and I have to admit I'm pretty scared about what this will mean for everything I've been working towards over the past couple of years - but I'm willing myself to think of the adventure of it all, and be grateful for the new, exciting phase that I'm entering this new year.

On looking back over 2018 I am proud of myself for completing the Master's Degree: As I began this blog last year I was knee-deep in essays, and I am pleased with the work that I turned in over the course of three terms as I built on each past piece. However, the final grade for the Dissertation wasn't everything I had hoped for: objectively I know it was a good mark, and in one respect I couldn't have done any better under the circumstances (during a heatwave, going through the first trimester, and without the aid of coffee, cigarettes or alcohol - I'm surprised no one died...). Despite this, I can't help feeling as though I could have done better had these circumstances been different - then I feel guilty for even thinking that, given that these "circumstances" are what they are.

So to sum up - I *am* proud of completing the degree: it is something I wanted to do, worked hard for, and achieved. So there.

Just a handful of the books I read while writing my Dissertation...

Looking ahead to 2019 I don't want to make any predictions or resolutions, really, because I know that whatever I intend, there'll be another little human there who will demand something different. It's going to be an incredibly challenging, demanding, and frustrating year; I do know that.
I hope to keep learning and challenging myself intellectually and creatively, and I really hope I don't lose myself in this new persona of motherhood. So maybe that is my New Year's Resolution - keep being *me*.

That should be easy enough, right?


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